MCD Group, LLC specializes in life science industry reports and customized consulting services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and drug delivery companies. The company has extensive expertise in the drug delivery industry, providing services such as technology scouting and assessment, market research, and partnering assistance. MCD Group was founded in 2005 and is comprised of a network of professionals which collectively have more than 20 years of consulting experience.

The company’s industry reports provide timely and accurate technology and market intelligence, and can serve as a valuable tool in the identification and evaluation of product and technology partnering opportunities. MCD Group currently offers industry reports covering Pediatric Drug Delivery, the US Specialty Pharmaceutical Market, and Emerging Drug Delivery Technologies.

MCD Group, LLC is an independent company providing customized consulting services to pharmaceutical and drug delivery companies. MCD Group is comprised of a network of professionals with experience in life sciences market research, technical writing / customized technology reports, life cycle management consulting, technology scouting and assessment, and business development/ licensing. Analysts working with MCD Group collectively have more than 30 years of consulting experience related to drug delivery, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals.


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